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1957 Junior League Final

Caulry win Treble 

 Many Chance missed

Caulry 0-06 
Milltown 0-04 

On a bleak snow-swept pitch at Ballymore last Sunday, Junior Champions, Caulry, completed an unique treble by winning the 1957 Junior League. While we complement Caulry on the magnificent achievement, we must also congratulate Milltown for the great display – between them, they served up good football, scrupulously clean, and they certainly gave the small crowd of hardy supporters lots to enthuse over. Caulry are Junior football Kings at the moment, but I feel sure that even their most fervent supporter will agree that Milltown brought them nearer to defeat than any other team since they started their winning way over a year ago. I have seen a lot of matches in my time, but never have I seen such near-misses around any goal as I say in Caulry’s goalmouth on Sunday, With only one point separating the sides and about ten minutes to go, Milltown, in arrears, called on their reservoir of stamina and in an all-out attack on the Caulry citadel, they went as near to winning as makes no difference – not alone did this happen once, but I counted three miraculous Caulry escapes in the short space of eight minutes. In all the recent campaigning I would say that never was the Caulry defence more than suspect than on last Sunday. 

Few Scores 
Admittedly they conceded few scores, but this was due more to the Milltown forwards’ helplessness than the Caulry defender’ brilliance. If the ball got past centerfield the Caulry backs were inclined to panic, and time and again, I saw them look at one another, as much to say, “boy, are we lucky,” when a Milltown forward would muff a certain score. Of course, we must not forget that Caulry had the share of missed too – twice they stuck the upright in the first quarter, and later I saw the Milltown goalie make a save in a million when he fisted a ball off the line. 

Deserved Win 
I suppose Caulry deserved their win – they played more as a team. 

Caulry: W. Ledwith, J. McHugh, M. Conlon, T. O’Hara, J. Rourke, L. Nugent, J. Coffey, E. Rourke, L. Ledwith, O. Nugent, T. Fitzgerald, S. Casey, M. Nugent, J. Malynn and S. Woods. 

Extracted from the Westmeath Examiner Archive, 25th January, 1958