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Under 8 Management team

For 2016 the following mentors will manage  the U8 squad,  John Madden,Irvine Allen and Anselm Fitzgerald 


2015 Season 

County Under- 8 Football Blitz, Ballinagore, July 10th.
Caulry travelled to Ballinagore on Friday to play round 5 of this years county blitz.  Caulry had 24 players attending so fielded 2 teams. We played Moate in the first 2 games followed by 2 games against Ballinagore. Caulry won a number of the games with great performances from all of the lads.
Thanks to all the coaches on the night and most importantly to all the players for representing their Club.   Well done Lads !
Squad on the day: 
Fionn O'Donavan, Eoin Lynam, Ciaran Dunning, Cian Malone,Lee Fallon, Ciaran Leen, Lee Corcoran,Brian Doyle,Rory Hatton,Max Nolan,Aaron Buckley,Luke Nolan, Tyler Mason,Luke Berry,Daniel Lynam,Rhys Mason,Kyle Allen,Eoin McCormack,Tristan Dolan,Sam Hatton,John Connell, Gavin Quilty
County Under-8 Football Blitz, Caulry, May 9th.

Caulry hosted the 2nd round of this years County Under-8 football blitzes. Pitch conditions were good despite the amount of rain that had fallen in the previous days.  Clubs present on the day were Caulry, Garrycastle and Moate fielding 2 teams each. Caulry had 20 players in attendance which was a great turn out as many were receiving their first communion on the day so were unavailable.

Caulry played two teams, the first team lead by Chris Mason & Pauric Leen.  Caulry played against Moate and Garrycastle showing some very strong performance with impressing scoring from our lads.
The second team was lead by Paul McCormack.  Caulry also played Garrycastle and Moate in this round and did us very proud in both games.

Well done to all the players on the day and a big thanks to everyone who helped on the day to ensure everything went smoothly. 


Squad on the day:
Fionn O'Donavan, Eoin McCormack, Ciaran Leen, Lee Corcoran, Brian Doyle, Luke Nolan, Aaron Murphy, Max Nolan, Eoin Lynam, Luke Berry, Gavin Quilty, John Connell, John Paul, Hugo McGowan, Seth Smith, Ciaran Dunning, Tyler Mason, Lee Fallon, Jack Killane and Grace Shortall.

County Under-8 Football Blitz, Garrycastle, April 18th

Caulry travelled to Garrycastle for the first round of this years County Under-8 football blitzes.  The weather was ideal with blue skies and prefect playing conditions. Clubs present on the day were Caulry, Garrycastle, Rosemount and Moate.  All clubs had a great turn out fielding 2 teams each. 

Caulry had over 20 players present on the day and all played exceptional well showing some impressive field play early in the season proving the benefits of our indoor training over the last 3 months.

Both Caulry teams played against  Rosemount in round 1 and then against Moate All-Whites and Garrycastle in round 2 with great performances by all the lads.

Big thanks to the lead coaches on the day, Chris Mason, Paul McCormack, Colin Hatton, Pauric Leen, Ray McSharry & Ambrose McGowan. Thanks also to the Garrycastle Club who were very accommodating at short notice by providing their pitches due to the unavailability of the Caulry pitch. Hopefully we can return the favour later in the season. 

Congrats to all the players who took part and wore the Caulry colours some for the first time and will no doubt have many more appearance in the years to come.

Squad on the day:
Ciaran Dunning, Andrew Flynn, Fionn Murphy, Aaron Buckley, Hugo McGowan, Jack Killane ,Micheal McSharry ,Luke Berry ,Eoin Lynam, Luke Nolan, Max Nolan, Ciaran Leen, Fionn O'Donavan
Eoin McCormack, Lee Corcoran, Tyler Mason, Daniel Lynam, Cian Malone, Rory Hatton, Simon O'Grady, David  Eunice


Under 8 Players 2014.

Players enjoying a photo opportunity with the some of the intermediate champions from last year.